Template Helpers

Get registry

Get item from the registry:

<?php Helper::getRegistry(string $key); ?>

Get language

Get item from the language:

<?php Helper::getLanguage(string $key, string $index); ?>

Get setting

Get item from the settings:

<?php Helper::getSetting(string $key); ?>

Get title

Get the value for the title:

<?php Helper::getTitle(); ?>

Get canonical

Get the value for the canonical URL:

<?php Helper::getCanonical(); ?>

Get description

Get the value for the meta description:

<?php Helper::getDescription(); ?>

Get keywords

Get the value for the meta keywords:

<?php Helper::getKeywords(); ?>

Get robots

Get the value for the meta robots:

<?php Helper::getRobots(); ?>

Get transport

Get the PHP to JavaScript transport:

<?php Helper::getTransport(); ?>

Get subset

Get the language related subset:

<?php Helper::getSubset(); ?>

Get direction

Get the language related direction:

<?php Helper::getDirection(); ?>

Get class

Get the CSS class helpers:

<?php Helper::getClass(string $prefix); ?>

Get response code

Get the HTTP response code:

<?php Helper::getResponseCode(); ?>
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