Db Class

Create object

Utilize the constructor of the Db class:

Db::construct(Config $config) : void;


Init the class:

Db::init() : void;

Get status

Get the database status:

Db::getStatus() : int;

Set auto increment

Set the auto increment:

Db::setAutoIncrement() : bool;

Count table prefix

Count table with prefix:

Db::countTablePrefix() : int;

For table prefix

For table with prefix:

Db::forTablePrefix(string $table, string $connection) : self;

Left join prefix

Left join with prefix:

Db::leftJoinPrefix(string $table, string $constraint, string $tableAlias) : self;

Where like many

Where like with many:

Db::whereLikeMany(array $columnArray, array $likeArray) : self;

Where language is

Where language is:

Db::whereLanguageIs(string language) : self;

Find flat array

Find the flat array:

Db::findFlatArray(string $column) : array;

Order by setting

Order by global setting:

Db::orderBySetting(string $column) : self;

Limit by setting

Limit by global setting:

Db::limitBySetting(int $step) : self;

Get setting

Get the value from settings:

Db::getSetting(string $key) : ?string;
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