Module Overview

AceJavaScript powered HTML editor
Alias GeneratorJavaScript powered alias generator
AnalyticsIntegrate Google Analytics
ArchiveGenerate a archive tree
Call HomeProvide version updates and news
ContactSimple contact form
CSS ValidatorCSS validator for developers
DebuggerDebugger for developers
DemoEnable anonymous login
DialogJavaScript powered dialog
Directory ListerList files of a directory
DisqusReplace comments with Disqus
ExperimentsIntegrate Google Experiments
Feed GeneratorGenerate Atom feeds
Feed ReaderRead external RSS and Atom feeds
Form ValidatorJavaScript powered form validation
GalleryJavaScript powered gallery
HTML ValidatorHTML validator for developers
Live ReloadLive reload for developers
MapsIntegrate Google Maps
Page CacheHigh performance caching for pages
PreviewOverview of the elements
ReporterReports on the dashboard
SitemapGenerate a sitemap tree
Sitemap XMLSubmit a sitemap to search engines
Social SharerIntegrate social sharer
Syntax HighlighterJavaScript powered syntax highlighter
TableSorterJavaScript powered table sorter
TestDummyTest Dummy
Textarea ResizerJavaScript powered textarea resizer
TinymceJavaScript powered WYSIWYG editor
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