Console Basics


Execute commands from the terminal:

php console.php [command] [options]



Browse and execute commands.

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Console Commands


Backup your database:

backup                        Backup command
  database                      Backup the database
    --directory                   Required directory


Clear your cache:

cache                         Cache command
  clear                         Clear the cache
    --directory                   Required directory of the cache
    --extension                   Required extension of the cache files
    --bundle                      Optional key or collection of the bundle
  clear-invalid                 Clear the invalid cache
    --directory                   Required directory of the cache
    --extension                   Required extension of the cache files
    --lifetime                    Optional lifetime of the bundle


List and set your config.php file:

config                        Config command
  list                          List the configuration
  set                           Set the configuration
    --db-type                     Required database type
    --db-host                     Required database host or file
    --db-name                     Optional database name
    --db-user                     Optional database user
    --db-password                 Optional database password
    --db-prefix                   Optional database prefix
  parse                         Parse the configuration
    --db-url                      Required database url
  lock                          Lock the production environment


Show help:

help                          Help command
  <command>                     Show help for the <command>


Install the database and modules:

install                       Install command
  database                      Install the database
    --admin-name                  Required admin name
    --admin-user                  Required admin user
    --admin-password              Required admin password
    --admin-email                 Required admin email
  module                        Install the module
    --alias                       Required module alias


Restore a database backup:

restore                       Restore command
  database                      Restore the database
    --directory                   Required directory
    --file                        Required file


List and set your settings:

setting                       Setting command
  list                          List the settings
  set                           Set the setting
    --key                         Required setting key
    --value                       Required setting value


Show database status and system requirements:

status                        Status command
  database                      Show database status
  system                        Show system requirements


Uninstall the database and modules:

uninstall                     Uninstall command
  database                      Uninstall the database
  module                        Uninstall the module
    --alias                       Required module alias
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