How do I install Redaxscript?

Follow the installation section in the basics chapter.

Can I use other database types?

Redaxscript supports SQLite, MSSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL powered by Idiorm.

What to do after installation?

Delete install.php and templates/install immediately. Revoke public access on console.php using the config lock command.

How do I install or configure modules?

The documentation can be found while editing a module, each PHTML file inside the docs directory represents a tab.


How do I change my title and description?

Browse admin/edit/settings and change title and description inside the metadata section.

How do I change my homepage?

Browse admin/edit/settings and change homepage inside the contents section.


Why is there no article present?

The category you are browsing is empty and does have no articles.

How do I shorten my article?

Use a document break using the <rs-more> content tag.

How do I enable comments?

Edit the article and enable comments inside the customize tab.


How do I create a template?

It is highly recommended to get started with the skeleton template.

How can I preview elements?

Use the preview module to display completed elements of your template.

What coding skills do I need?

Basic PostCSS and HTML skills are needed.

May I remove the powered by?

There is no need to provide a link to our website.

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