Quick Start


Clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/redaxscript/redaxscript.git

Install the dependencies:

composer install
npm install


Serve local development server:

grunt serve [options]

-D, --debug-mode
-W, --webfont-compat
-O, --open-browser

Browse your working copy:

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  • Apache, Nginx or IIS
  • Database and PDO drivers for SQLite, MSSQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • PHP 7.2.0 or higher


Enable the mod_deflate, mod_headers and mod_rewrite modules for the best user experience.


Utilize the .htaccess online converter to generated your Nginx configuration.


Utilize the web.config for your IIS configuration.


We follow the last 2 versions strategy:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
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  1. Download and unpack the latest Redaxscript package
  2. Upload all files from the package
  3. Grant write permission on config.php using chmod 666
  4. Browse install.php and follow the instructions
  5. Revoke write permissions on config.php using chmod 444
  6. Delete install.php and templates/install immediately
  7. Revoke public access on console.php using the config lock command


Get started with automated installations in the console chapter.

Third party

Redaxscript is supported by the following one-click installer:

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How do I install Redaxscript?

Follow the installation section in the basics chapter.

Can I use other database types?

Redaxscript supports SQLite, MSSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL powered by Idiorm.

What to do after installation?

Delete install.php and templates/install immediately. Revoke public access on console.php using the config lock command.

How do I install or configure modules?

The documentation can be found while editing a module, each PHTML file inside the docs directory represents a tab.


How do I change my title and description?

Browse admin/edit/settings and change title and description inside the metadata section.

How do I change my homepage?

Browse admin/edit/settings and change homepage inside the contents section.


Why is there no article present?

The category you are browsing is empty and does have no articles.

How do I shorten my article?

Use a document break using the <rs-more> content tag.

How do I enable comments?

Edit the article and enable comments inside the customize tab.


How do I create a template?

It is highly recommended to get started with the skeleton template.

How can I preview elements?

Use the preview module to display completed elements of your template.

What coding skills do I need?

Basic PostCSS and HTML skills are needed.

May I remove the powered by?

There is no need to provide a link to our website.

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Help Center

We are glad to give you a helpful hand. Please take a look into the troubleshooting chapter before you contact us.


Submit a issue on GitHub and keep track of bugs, enhancements and features.


Chat with us on Telegram for live support.

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Show your love for Redaxscript and become a stargazer on GitHub.


Translate Redaxscript into your native language.


Developers are asked for their help to modernize Redaxscript.


Tell your friends how awesome Redaxscript is.


Be awesome and donate to info@redaxmedia.com via PayPal.

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