• Namespace: \Redaxscript\Admin\Router
  • Description: parent class to provide the admin router
  • Package: Redaxscript
  • Category: Router
  • Author: Henry Ruhs


No property present


routeHeaderpublicroute the header
routeContentpublicroute the content
_tokenGuardprotectedtoken guard
_authGuardprotectedauth guard
_updateLastprotectedupdate last
_processCategoryprotectedprocess the category
_processArticleprotectedprocess the article
_processExtraprotectedprocess the extra
_processCommentprotectedprocess the comment
_processUserprotectedprocess the user
_processGroupprotectedprocess the group
_processModuleprotectedprocess the module
_processSettingprotectedprocess the setting
_processCommonprotectedprocess the common
_renderViewprotectedrender the view
_renderNewprotectedrender the new
_renderEditprotectedrender the edit
_messengerFactoryprotectedmessenger factory
_errorTokenprotectedshow the token error
_errorAccessprotectedshow the access error
__constructpublicconstructor of the class
initpublicinit the class
getFirstpublicget the first parameter
getFirstSubpublicget the first sub parameter
getSecondpublicget the second parameter
getSecondSubpublicget the second sub parameter
getThirdpublicget the third parameter
getThirdSubpublicget the third sub parameter
getFourthpublicget the fourth parameter
getFourthSubpublicget the fourth sub parameter
getLastpublicget the last parameter
getLastSubpublicget the last sub parameter
getAdminpublicget the admin parameter
getTablepublicget the table parameter
getAliaspublicget the alias parameter
getIdpublicget the id parameter
getTokenpublicget the token parameter
_getParameterprotectedget the parameter by key
_getParameterSubprotectedget the parameter sub by key