• Namespace: \Redaxscript\Admin\Model
  • Description: parent class to provide the admin comment model
  • Package: Redaxscript
  • Category: Model
  • Author: Henry Ruhs


No property present


updateByIdAndArraypublicupdate the comment by id and array
publishByIdpublicpublish the comment by id
publishByCategorypublicpublish the comment by category
publishByArticlepublicpublish the comment by article
unpublishByIdpublicunpublish the comment by id
unpublishByCategorypublicunpublish the comment by category
unpublishByArticlepublicunpublish the comment by article
deleteByIdpublicdelete the comment by id
deleteByCategorypublicdelete the comment by category
deleteByArticlepublicdelete the comment by article
countByArticleAndLanguagepubliccount the comments by article and language
maxIdByArticleAndLanguagepublicmax id by article and language
getByArticleAndLanguageAndOrderAndSteppublicget the comments by article and language and order and step
getRouteByIdpublicget the comment route by id
createByArraypubliccreate the comment by array
getAllByOrderpublicget all by order
getByLanguageAndOrderpublicget the content by language and order
getSiblingByIdAndLanguageAndOrderpublicget the sibling by id and language and order
getSiblingArrayByIdpublicget sibling array by id
publishByDatepublicpublish by date
getByIdpublicget the item by id
getAllpublicget all
querypublicquery the table
clearCachepublicclear cache for the table