A modern, ultra lightweight and rocket fast Content Management System for SQLite, MSSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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Clone the repository:

git clone

Install the dependencies:

composer install
npm install


Run local development server:

npm run serve -- [options]

-L, --live-reload
-O, --open-browser
-N, --no-cache
-D, --debug-mode

Browse your working copy:

  • Database Abstraction

    An object relational mapper and fluent query builder provide a preconceived and standardised abstraction layer for SQLite, MSSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

  • Docker Container

    Enjoy the zero configuration alternative to virtual machines. Our container is made for developers to compose and install Redaxscript with the needed environment in less than two minutes.

  • Console Interface

    Execute a useful collection of powerful commands from the terminal or straight from the browser. Automate your installations, backups, imports and other tasks.

  • Smart Caching

    Don't worry about scaling. A simple yet effective file caching for assets and pages balances high server loads to deliver your website in a timely manner.

  • Extensible System

    Don't be afraid to write your own modules and templates. We have built a flexible, efficient and extensible system architecture to be open to the future of frontend and backend development.

  • Access Control

    Take control over your community. Create different users and groups with permissions according to their desired role. Limit access to content and modules to certain groups.

  • Rocket Fast

    Awesome performance is the fundamental principle behind this project. We have spent countless hours creating the fastest content management system on planet earth.

  • Ultra Lightweight

    Say goodbye to bloatware. We love the principle of keeping features and complexity as simple as possible. There is no reason to reinvent another WordPress.

  • Robust Security

    Security is not a game of luck. A bulletproof filter mechanism provides a comprehensive protection against all kind of XSS attacks and SQL injections.

  • Great Documentation

    We host the documentation on GitHub to let people contribute fixes and improvements. Just edit the document and send a pull request with your changes.

  • Responsive Design

    Over two decades of expertise in the field of web design helped us to create a mind-blowing user experience across mobile devices and computers.

  • Grunt Stack

    Make use of the popular task runner to enhance the development, perform quality assurance and automate different tasks for continuous integration and deployment.

  • Modern CSS

    Built with PostCSS, the successor to SASS and LESS. We created a sophisticated component based architecture following the semantic naming convention of NCSS.

  • Asset Management

    Manage and bundle your base, template and module assets with a set of elegant template tags, that were heavily inspired by the good parts of Zend View.

  • Unleashed Theming

    Break down the barriers and bring your ideas to life. There are no limits creating unique templates, even the administration can be customized to your needs.

  • SEO Friendly

    Search engines are in love with highly optimized websites that perform well in tools such as PageSpeed and Yslow. There are a ton of features beyond that to boost your ranking.

  • WYSIWYG Editor

    Create, edit and publish your content with the most advanced rich text editor. Drag and drop images to the editor to trigger automated file transfers to your server.

  • Integrated Administration

    There is a set of useful toolbars and panels in addition to a classic administration view. Just navigate to the desired content on your website and start editing.

  • Installation Wizard

    We put great effort into creating a straightforward installation wizard to give non-technical users a helpful hand. Average installation time for Redaxscript is around one minute.

  • System Notification

    System and module related notifications are collected in the admin panel. Get informed about different kinds of status updates to fix issues in no time.