Parse issue

Instead of seeing what I expected, a white screen of death appears.

Verify your webserver provides PHP 5.4.0 or higher. You can enable another version inside your .htaccess file:

addhandler php54-cgi .php

XAMPP ships the PEAR Config that causes a Cannot redeclare class Config fatal error. Please uncomment the include_path inside the php.ini file located in the XAMPP directory:

include_path = ".:/php/includes"

Enable error reporting inside your index.php file and submit an issue on GitHub. Make sure to post the error reporting and url of your Redaxscript installation:

error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE);

Rewrite issue

All pages except my homepage return an internal server error.

Setup a rewrite base inside your .htaccess file:

rewritebase /{your-path}

Manually load mod_rewrite inside your .htaccess file:

loadmodule rewrite_module modules/

Setup the allow override directive inside your .htaccess file:

allowoverride fileinfo

Setup the follow symlinks option inside your .htaccess file:

options +followsymlinks

Disable the rewrite_module and Redaxscript uses the query mode.

rewriteengine off

Session issue

My session can't be started or expires frequently.

Setup a session path inside your .htaccess file:

session.save_path /{your-path}

Token issue

My token is invalid.

Your session_id(), REMOTE_ADDR, HTTP_USER_AGENT or HTTP_HOST changed while processing the request.

Password issue

My password is invalid after the last update.

Redaxscript is using a salted SHA1 hash to store your password inside the database. Use to retrieve a email with the password reset link.

Charset issue

Special characters are not displayed correctly.

Setup a default charset inside your .htaccess file:

adddefaultcharset utf-8
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