Blank page

Instead of seeing what I expected, a white screen of death appears.

1. Verify your server provides PHP 5.2.0 or above, otherwise enable the correct version inside your .htaccess file.

addtype application/x-httpd-php5.php

2. Enable error reporting inside your index.php file and report your warnings.


Rewrite issue

All pages - except my homepage - return an internal server error.

1. Load mod_rewrite manually inside your .htaccess file.

loadmodule rewrite_module modules/

2. Setup a correct rewritebase inside your .htaccess file.

rewritebase /{your-path}

3. Setup the allowoverride directive inside your .htaccess file.

allowoverride fileinfo

4. Setup your server to follow symbolic links inside your .htaccess file.

options +followsymlinks

5. Delete your .htaccess file and Redaxscript will fall back to GET mode.

Session issue

My session cannot be started or expires frequently.

1. Ensure session cookies are enabled in your browser.

2. Setup another session path inside your .htaccess file.

session.save_path /{your-path}

Broken charset

Some characters are not displayed correctly.

1. Setup a default chartset inside your .htaccess file.

adddefaultcharset utf-8
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