How do I install Redaxscript?

Please follow the installation guide carefully.

Can I use other database types?

Redaxscript supports SQLite / MySQL / PostgreSQL empowered by Idiorm.

What to do after installation?

Delete install.php immediately from your webspace. You can safely delete the install template too, since it is no longer needed.

How do I install or configure modules?

Please read the howto tab of the module.


How do I change my title and description?

Browse settings and change title and description inside the metadata section.

How do I change my homepage?

Browse settings and change homepage inside the contents section.


Why is no article present?

The category you are browsing is empty and does have no articles.

How do I shorten articles ?

Use a document break to achieve this. Learn more about pseudo tags.

How do I enable comments?

Edit the article and enable comments inside the customize tab.


How do I create a template?

It is not recommended to customize the default template, take advantage of the minimalistic skeleton template instead.

Utilize the preview module to display and completed and needed elements.

What coding skills do I need?

Advanced PostCSS and basic HTML skills are needed.

May I remove the powered by?

There is no need to provide a backlink to our website.

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