Template markup

Edit corresponding PHTML files located in your template folder to customize your markup.


Generates dynamic title and metadata inside head tag.

<?php head(); ?>


Loads needed CSS inside head tag.

<?php styles(); ?>


Loads needed Javascript.

<?php scripts(); ?>


Displays main contents and manages default post and routing.

<?php center(); ?>


Displays extra contents.
Setup $filter (integer|string) by an existing rank or alias to display a single extra only.

<?php extras($filter); ?>

Navigation list

Displays a navigation list.
Setup $table (string) by choosing categories, articles, extras or comments.

<?php navigation_list($table, $options); ?>

Setup $options (array) to customize your navigation list.

array( 'children' => 1, 'parent' => 1, 'class' => 'name', 'filter_alias' => '"alias", "alias", "alias"', 'filter_rank' => '1, 2, 3' 'id' => 'name', 'limit' => 5, 'order' => 'asc' )

Languages list

Displays available languages.

<?php languages_list($options); ?>

Setup $options (array) to customize your languages list.

array( 'class' => 'name', 'id' => 'name' )

Templates list

Displays available templates.

<?php templates_list($options); ?>

Setup $options (array) to customize your templates list.

array( 'class' => 'name', 'id' => 'name' )

Login list

Displays a login list, including several administrative links.

<?php login_list(); ?>


Generates a breadcrumb list.

<?php breadcrumb(); ?>


Displays a search form.

<?php search(); ?>


Setup helper classes according to the user agent and browser support.

<?php helper_class(); ?>

Use Google Fonts with needed subset parameter.

<?php helper_subset(); ?>
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