On-demand loader

Redaxscript contains a built-in frontend framework - the on-demand loader handles to join and minify needed CSS and Javascript files to a single output stream.

There are two .loader files located inside templates/{your-template}/styles and templates/{your-template}/scripts that are responsible to config CSS and Javascript packages.

Customize the core files, keep in mind to rename your template folder.

[template] 1 = styles/reset.css 2 = templates/{your-template}/styles/box.css 3 = templates/{your-template}/styles/form.css

Include MY_BROWSER and MY_ENGINE related files.

[msie] 1 = styles/msie.css 2 = templates/{your-template}/styles/msie.css

Inherit the configuration from another template.

[inherit] 1 = {your-template}

Extend the template you inherit from.

[template] 1 = templates/{your-template}/styles/extend.css

A couple of settings.

[settings] deploy = inline rewrite = false minify = true
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