Cheat sheet

Javascript objects

General Description
General Description
l Languages transport object
r Global Redaxscript object

PHP gets

General Example Description
General Example Description
p develop/documentation/cheat-sheet Parameter route string
l en Language string
t extend Template string

PHP constants

General Example Description
General Example Description
FILE index.php Current filename in use
ROOT Website's root directory
PREFIX Database table's prefix
DB_CONNECTED 1 Database connection status
DB_ERROR Database connection error
LOGGED_IN Equals TOKEN if logged in
ATTACK_BLOCKED Blocker's overall counter
RENDER_BREAK Break template rendering
CENTER_BREAK Break center routing
CONTENT_ERROR 0 Content error
COMMENTS_REPLACE Replace native comments
Hashes Example Description
Hashes Example Description
TOKEN 7a5cefd21586b344d0ae291dfec3834381ce93d3 Session based security key
SALT Security key stored in config.php
Parameters Example Description
Parameters Example Description
FIRST_PARAMETER develop First route parameter
FIRST_SUB_PARAMETER First sub route parameter
SECOND_PARAMETER documentation Second route parameter
SECOND_SUB_PARAMETER Second sub route parameter
THIRD_PARAMETER cheat-sheet Third route parameter
THIRD_SUB_PARAMETER Third sub route parameter
LAST_PARAMETER cheat-sheet Last route parameter
LAST_SUB_PARAMETER Last sub route parameter
TOKEN_PARAMETER Token parameter
ADMIN_PARAMETER Admin parameter
TABLE_PARAMETER Table parameter
ALIAS_PARAMETER Alias parameter
Routes Example Description
Routes Example Description
FULL_ROUTE develop/documentation/cheat-sheet Contains all route parameter
FULL_TOP_ROUTE develop/documentation/cheat-sheet Equals FULL_ROUTE, without sub route parameter
REWRITE_ROUTE General GET prefix
LANGUAGE_ROUTE . Language GET prefix
TEMPLATE_ROUTE . Template GET prefix
REFRESH_ROUTE Route for meta refresh
IDs Example Description
IDs Example Description
CATEGORY ID of current category
ARTICLE 25 ID of current article
LAST_ID 25 ID of current content
User Example Description
User Example Description
MY_IP User's internet protocol address
MY_BROWSER User's browser
MY_BROWSER_VERSION User's browser version
MY_ENGINE User's browser engine
MY_DESKTOP User's desktop
MY_MOBILE User's mobile device
MY_TABLET User's tablet device
MY_ID User's ID
MY_NAME User's public name
MY_USER User's login name
MY_EMAIL User's E-mail address
MY_GROUPS User's groups
Access Example Description
Access Example Description
CATEGORIES_NEW Permission to create categories
CATEGORIES_EDIT Permission to edit categories
CATEGORIES_DELETE Permission to delete categories
ARTICLES_NEW Permission to create articles
ARTICLES_EDIT Permission to edit articles
ARTICLES_DELETE Permission to delete articles
EXTRAS_NEW Permission to create extras
EXTRAS_EDIT Permission to edit extras
EXTRAS_DELETE Permission to delete extras
COMMENTS_NEW Permission to create comments
COMMENTS_EDIT Permission to edit comments
COMMENTS_DELETE Permission to delete comments
GROUPS_NEW Permission to create groups
GROUPS_EDIT Permission to edit groups
GROUPS_DELETE Permission to delete groups
USERS_NEW Permission to create users
USERS_EDIT Permission to edit users
USERS_DELETE Permission to delete users
USERS_EXCEPTION Permission exception for profile
MODULES_INSTALL Permission to install modules
MODULES_EDIT Permission to edit modules
MODULES_UNINSTALL Permission to uninstall modules
SETTINGS_EDIT Permission to edit settings
FILTER 1 Filter untrusted users
TABLE_NEW Permission to create for current table
TABLE_INSTALL Permission to install for current table
TABLE_EDIT Permission to edit for current table
TABLE_DELETE Permission to delete for current table
TABLE_UNINSTALL Permission to uninstall for current table
Time Example Description
Time Example Description
GMDATE Fri, 21 Oct 2016 16:33:59 GMT Current GMT date
GMDATE_PLUS_WEEK Fri, 28 Oct 2016 16:33:59 GMT Current GMT date plus one week
GMDATE_PLUS_YEAR Sat, 21 Oct 2017 16:33:59 GMT Current GMT date plus one year
NOW 2016-10-21 18:33:59 Current time
DELAY 2016-10-21 18:34:59 NOW plus one minute
TODAY 2016-10-21 Current date
UPDATE Time for next update
Detection Example Description
Detection Example Description
LANGUAGE en Detected language
TEMPLATE extend Detected template
Metadata Example Description
Metadata Example Description
TITLE Overrides meta title
DESCRIPTION Overrides meta description
KEYWORDS Overrides meta keywords
ROBOTS Overrides meta robots

Module hooks

General Description
General Description
render_start Before template render
render_end After template render
center_start Before center routing
center_end After center routing
Loader Description
Loader Description
loader_start Start of loader
loader_end End of loader
loader_styles_transport_start Start of loader style transport
loader_styles_transport_end End of loader style transport
loader_scripts_transport_start Start of loader scripts transport
loader_scripts_transport_end End of loader scripts transport
Head Description
Head Description
head_start Start of head
head_end End of head
styles_start Start of styles
styles_end End of styles
scripts_start Start of scripts
scripts_end End of scripts
Contents Description
Contents Description
contents_start Start of contents
contents_end End of contents
article_start Start of each article
article_end End of each article
comments_replace Replace native comments
comments_start Start of comments
comments_end End of comments
comment_start Start of each comment
comment_end End of each comment
extras_start Start of extras
extras_end End of extras
extra_start Start of each extra
extra_end End of each extra
infoline_start Start of infoline
infoline_end End of infoline
pagination_start Start of pagination
pagination_end End of pagination
notification_start Start of notification
notification_end End of notification
Forms Description
Forms Description
search_form_start Start of search form
search_form_end End of search form
comment_form_start Start of comment form
comment_form_end End of comment form
login_form_start Start of login form
login_form_end End of login form
reminder_form_start Start of reminder form
reminder_form_end End of reminder form
registration_form_start Start of registration form
registration_form_end End of registration form
Interface Description
Interface Description
breadcrumb_start Start of breadcrumb
breadcrumb_end End of breadcrumb
pagination_start Start of pagination
pagination_end End of pagination
navigation_list_start Start of navigation list
navigation_list_end End of navigation list
languages_list_start Start of languages list
languages_list_end End of languages list
templates_list_start Start of templates list
templates_list_end End of templates list
Admin contents Description
Admin contents Description
admin_dock_start Start of admin dock
admin_dock_end End of admin dock
admin_notification_start Start of admin notification
admin_notification_end End of admin notification
Admin forms Description
Admin forms Description
admin_contents_form_start Start of admin contents form
admin_contents_form_end End of admin contents form
admin_groups_form_start Start of admin groups form
admin_groups_form_end End of admin groups form
admin_users_form_start Start of admin users form
admin_users_form_end End of admin users form
admin_modules_form_start Start of admin modules form
admin_modules_form_end End of admin modules form
admin_settings_form_start Start of admin settings form
admin_settings_form_end End of admin settings form
Admin interface Description
Admin interface Description
admin_control_start Start of admin control
admin_control_end End of admin control
admin_contents_list_start Start of admin contents list
admin_contents_list_end End of admin contents list
admin_groups_list_start Start of admin groups list
admin_groups_list_end End of admin groups list
admin_users_list_start Start of admin users list
admin_users_list_end End of admin users list
admin_modules_list_start Start of admin modules list
admin_modules_list_end End of admin modules list
admin_panel_list_start Start of admin panel list
admin_panel_list_end End of admin panel list
admin_panel_list_modules Modules list in admin panel
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