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Redaxscript is an ultra lightweight CMS, simplifying the world of complex online projects. Experience the future of web design and development - leave behind the confusion and build websites intuitively.

Online demo

Unfortunately, no one can be told what Redaxscript is. You have to see it for yourself.

Feature list

  • Simple installation wizard
  • Builds contents lightning fast
  • HTML5, CSS3, RSS2 and ATOM1 compliant
  • CSSLint, JSHint and HTMLHint validated
  • Search engine friendly environment
  • Fluide and elastic layout
  • Mobile ready with responsive design
  • On-demand loader for Javascript and CSS
  • Pre-optimized via Page Speed and Yslow
  • Intuitive WYSIWYEWhat you see is where you edit admin interface
  • Built-in frontend framework
  • Module system with hook points
  • Advanced user and group permissions
  • Bundled with the latest jQuery
  • Ultra lightweight WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get editor
  • Multiple language and template support
  • Available in 30 languages
  • Salt enhanced password security
  • Extensive website settings

Available modules

Search engine friendly

  • Canonical URL management to prevent duplicate content
  • Robots management to prevent indexing of non-content pages
  • Search engine friendly URL structure
  • Unique meta description and meta keywords on each page
  • Redirect www to non-www and remove trailing slashes
  • Sitemap XMLGenerates a sitemap XML module for search engines
  • Unobtrusive Javascript
  • Valid and sematic HTML markup
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